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  • 3ply Face Mask

    $0.90 $0.62

    3 Layers Disposable Face Mask

  • 3ply Medical Face Mask

    $0.95 $0.75

    PP non woven+Filter PP + PP non-woven. Disposable Face Mask Advantages: 3 layers of anti-allergic materials, good breath-ability.
    * Sanitary mask effectively prevent inhalation of dust, pollen, hair, flu, germ, etc.. Suitable for daily cleaning, allergic people, service personnel (medical, dental, nursing, catering, clinic, beauty, nail, pet, etc.), as well as patients who need respiratory protection

  • Ambu Bags

    $32.00 $28.00

    manual resuscitator ambu bag with CE&ISO


    Compared with the old version, it is much easier to grip and good looking.
    It is semi-transparent and comes with a pressure limitation valve for patient safety
    A textured surface ensuring a firm grip and providing effective ventilation. Patient connector is 22/15mm.
    PVC resuscitator conforms to the standard: ISO
    100% latex free.

  • Antibacterial Fabric Mask with N95 Filter

    $8.00 $5.00

    Reusable Fabric Mask with N95 Filter

  • Disposable Isolation Suite

    $25.00 $20.00

    Protective clothing can effectively resist the penetration of bacteria, viruses, alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles. It can effectively protect the wearer from the threat of infection.

  • Disposable Medical Protective Suite

    $35.00 $29.00

    Protective Clothing Isolation Clothing Anti Virus Disposable Protective Suit

  • Examination Gloves


    Latex powder free dispoable gloves

  • KN95 Respirators

    $2.60 $2.10

    4 layers non woven KN95 face mask disposable. good quality of adjustable nose piece ,elastic earloop.

  • N95 Masks (Cup)

    $5.50 $4.80

    ① N95 standard is one of nine protection level which edited and certificated by NIOSH(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) for particulate respirators.
    ② Only the respirators/mask meet N95 standard and certified by NIOSH can be called NIOSH N95 mask.
    ③ “N”means used for against particulate aerosols free of oil.
    ④ “95”means it filters at least 95% of the particles at aparticle size of 0.3 micron.

  • N95 Masks (Folded Shape)

    $5.20 $4.95
    • Filter Effciency <95%,
    • 5 layer purification,
    • Melt Blown Non Wovens,
    • Moderate thickness for particle absorption,
    • Highly efficient at filtering particles.

    PP spun-bond outer layer+ PP melt-brown high filtration layer+ PP needle-punched non-woven + PP spun-bond outer layer inner layer.

  • Non contact Infrared Thermometer

    $49.99 $35.00

    Non Contact Digital Forehead Infrared Thermometer

    Contact less temperature measurement. Body temperature. Object temperature.


    • Excellent adaption to ambient temperature.
    • Accurate reliable even under complicated surrounding.
  • Protective Face Shield

    $6.00 $4.50

    Double Sided anti fog, anti-static no-glare lens. Light weight, comfortable to wear, quick and easy to doe. Specific foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eye goggles and glasses. Vented air design can increase the air flow and comfort. Excellent protection against blood contamination from blood pathogen, body fluids, and harmful chemical splash.