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What are we here for?

Corona Virus Protective Gear is a EasyAnalytic Inc subsidiary focused towards providing protective gear needs of medical professionals and first responders dealing with the pandemic.  Easyanalytic is based in Minneapolis with field office in Colton California and procurement offices in New Delhi, India, Shenzhen China, South Africa , Brazil and Argentina.


Having our first responders and medical personnel go to work without protective gear is like sending  our soldiers to war without helmets, body armor and guns. Our mission is to provide theses personnel who are risking their health and lives in trying to save the patients with the proper equipment that they need to do their jobs.


We cannot afford to lose these critical personnel to either illness or being quarantined. We need all hands on  deck.

Patient care is going to be compromised if the medical personnel treating them are getting sick themselves and unable to work. This will   increase the work load and stress on the ones who can ,compromising their immune systems and making them vulnerable to get infected starting a downhill cascade. 


Provide the protective gear. We can provide the following items in quantities that are needed.

3 Ply masks     KN95 masks     N95 masks    Fabric masks     Aprons      Protective body suits     Hand Sanitizers    Gloves Test Kits      Surgical Caps     Nurses Caps     Shoe covers     Ventilators     Regular Hospital Beds ICU beds

Our Operations Model

Redistribution of scarce resources.  We source from countries that have no acute need for the product to the sites where  the need is the most. We focus on providing the products in the shortest period of time for the least cost to fully optimize limited financial budgets

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Our Medical team, hospital staff, first responders are at the forefront of this battle against COVID-19, they are putting their health and their lives on the line.

They are our heroes and we cannot afford to let them get infected or be quarantined.


We are here to support them. They work around the clock to take care of the patients andwe work 24/7 to provide them the protective gear they need.

Call Duke Multani MD at +1 909 800 0712 or Dev Garg at +1 612 598 0002 for any questionson placing an order or any way we can help.

Meet Our Team

Dev Garg

Operations - +1 612.598.0002 | Email: garg @easyanalytic.com

Dr. Duke Multani

Chief Medical Officer - +1 909-800-0712 | Email: duke.multani@ easyanalytic.com

Abdi Hirsi

Director of Relations - +1 952.923.5774 | Email: abdi.hirsi@ easyanalytic.com

Valentin Kavakure

Africa Representative | +257 61 82 42 50 | Valkavakure@ gmail.com